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    Perfect Hair Care Kit Combo

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    YOYO Beauties Red Onion Hair Care Kit

    Ultimate Onion Oil Hair Kit. This kit contains Onion Oil Shampoo, Onion Oil Conditioner, and Onion Hair Oil which helps to revive your tired scalp and hair. Onion helps strengthen your hair & prevent split ends. Increase blood circulation to induce keratin production. An onion hair care kit is a key to healthy hair growth Helps to smoothen hair cuticles to make hair glossy and lustrous.

    Onion Hair Care Combo

    Hair Care Products to Get Rid of Dandruff & Flaky Scalp

    Strengthen hair, prevents premature greying & dandruff. Onion juice acts as a natural conditioner and has nourishing properties. It increases your hair length and reduces hair fall, preventing dandruff and premature graying of hair.

    Reduces Hair Fall

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    Makes Hair Soft

    Gentle surfactants cleanse hair & scalp without stripping. Keratin prevents damage & dryness, maintains the moisture balance of hair, and leaves hair soft & smooth.

    7 Home Remedies To Get Smooth and Silky Hair | Be Beautiful India

    Boost hair regrowth

    Step 1: YOYO Beauties red onion Oil

    Onion oil is a proven remedy to boost hair regrowth and prevent hair fall. This is a widely used Ayurvedic solution to ensure healthy and thick hair. All you need is a continuous dedication to apply our hair oil regularly. 

    Prevents breakage

    Onion oil is rich in sulfur which prevents breakage, split ends and thinning of hair. Other nutrients present in onion oil prevent the oxidation of hair. It also maintains the regular pH of the hair, preventing premature greying.
    Regular use of onion oil will effectively promote hair regrowth in that area and also will prevent any bacterial infections or dandruff.How to regrow hair naturally

    Increase the length of your hair

    Onion oil is also useful if you want to increase the length of your hair, it is a cost-saving solution that will make your hair stronger and healthier, and also will promote quick hair growth. Onion Oil helps in effectively optimizing the hair growth cycle due to the presence of plenty of antioxidants which particularly work for boosting the functioning of certain enzymes that work together in preventing hair fall.

    Step 2: YOYO Beauties Red Onion Shampoo

    Loaded with Plant Keratin, this Shampoo gently cleanses hair & prevents damage caused due to washing. It forms a protective layer that strengthens hair from within.

    Gentle surfactants cleanse hair & scalp without stripping. Keratin prevents damage & dryness, maintains the moisture balance of hair, and leaves hair soft & smooth.

    Step 3: YOYO Beauties Red Onion Conditioner

    YOYO Beauties Onion hair Conditioner is usually the second step to hair washing. While shampoo is formulated specifically to clean off sweat, and dead skin cells. Our conditioner makes hair softer and easier to manage. It also protects hair shafts from damage
    Our Onion hair Conditioner has Natural ingredients & oils to make hair soft and flexible. Our Conditioner has protein to temporarily bind split ends, and some have thickening agents to make hair feel fuller.

    Protects the cuticles

    YOYO Beauties Onion hair Conditioner protecting the cuticles is the foremost important conditioner. Our Conditioner builds a protective layer around the hair cuticles which protects them from the effects of the heat styling products, polluted environment, etc.

    Imparts instant shine to hair

    YOYO Beauties Onion hair conditioner helps to minimize frizz by neutralizing the negative charge on your hair. Just applying the conditioner for 2-3 minutes at max gives you instantly smooth and shiny hair. Our conditioner has a tendency to give instant and effective results.

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    Prevents Greying

    The goodness of essential vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants quercetin in onion hair oil assist in reversing the premature greying of hair. Regular use of onion hair oil improves the texture and maintains the pH of hair which averts premature greying of hair.

    Grey hair - This is what makes your hair go grey (and how to stop it)

     Say Hello to Clean Scalp and Happy Hair!

    This powerful cure, when applied as an oil, shampoo, or hair conditioner, can be used to treat your scalp and hair as an anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, antioxidant, and antibacterial treatment. The benefits of onion for hair and onion oil use are well known and trusted.




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